CTFO is a company that is founded by network marketers. These founders breathe networking. They know the ins-and-out of network marketing. With networking in their blood, I am proud to be part of this Company. CTFO will change your health as well as your health. And I am proud to attest to that. CTFO’s vision […]

CTFO is an acronym for Changing The Future Outcome. You would ask, “Changing the future outcome of what? Of who – for that matter; or maybe the more appropriate question. At the very outset – CTFO has been changing the outcome of the health industry. At the same time when FDA (Food and Drug Administration) […]

CTFO means Changing The Future Outcome. It also means  Crush The Fear Out. That is the meaning of the acronym. One would say – changing the future outcome of what? It is like a hanging phrase; a suspended thought or a meaningless catchwords.  CTFO came about with the resurgence of hemp plant; more specifically hemp […]